Scope of Service

Education and personal development activities
 •   Courses, interest classes, information talks...

Heath Education and Promotion of Healthy Life-style
 •    Health checkups, health talks, exercise classes...

Social and recreational activities
 •    Outing, birthday party, holiday party...

Volunteer Mobilization and Members’ Participation in Service Operation
 •  Volunteer training, volunteer service, caring visit...

Information Giving and Referral for Community Resources
 •    Enquiry, service referral, senior discount scheme…

Spiritual Support
 •    Elderly fellowship, Sunday worship, caring visit...

Drop-in Centre
 •    Chat, reading newspaper, surf the internet…

Dementia-related Services
 •    Training for dementia elderly, training for carers, dementia community education,…

Service for Carers (Note 1)
 •   Carer knowledge talk, emotional support for carers, rehabilitation equipment lending services...

Service for Needy Carer (Note 2) 
 •   Needy carers gathering, training for needy carers, rehabilitation equipment lending services...

Counseling services (Note 3)
 •   Emotional support, economic needs, interpersonal relationships or housing issues...

Reaching Out and Social networking (Note 3)
 •   Hidden or vulnerable elderly persons services, counselling services, referral services 


(Note 1) Carers are those 18 years of above taking care of elderly persons (aged 60 or above)
(Note 2) Needy carers those carers taking care of frail elderly persons (i.e. aged 60 or above with poor mobility, ill-health or dementia, etc.) and they may have disability, heavy carer burden or be in advanced age, etc., and in need of social and emotional support.
(Note 3) Scope of Services : Wu King Estate, Melody Garden, Pierhead Garden, Yuet Wu Villa, Tuen Mun Wu Hong Police Quarters, 2Gether, Lung Kwu Tan, San Shek Wan San Tsuen. 


Target Group

•   Elders aged 60 or above living in the locality are eligible for elderly membership
•   Carers aged 18 years or above taking care of elder are eligible for carer membership
•   The community at large



•   Elders pay annual membership fee, the term is from April 1 to March 31  the following year
•   Carer does not have to pay annual membership fee
•   Regarding the fee for individual programs, please enquire with the Centre for details


Member application procedures

Please bring your Hong Kong identity card and annual fee to the Centre during the office hours

Withdrawal procedures

•   Elder member has not renewed his/her membership on April 1 each year as a result of    withdrawal from the service
•   Elder member and carer member have the right to withdrawal from the service at any time. Please go to the Centre for withdrawal procedures  during office hours
•   If the member regularly violates the rules of the Centre, the Centre has the right to request   he/she withdraw from the service


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