The identity of Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM) is defined by its desire to serve the community consistent with the Christian principles and policies upon which the elderly centre was founded in 1985. All endeavors to fulfill the purposes of BMM are guided by the core value of BMM and the Elderly Centre to make available the opportunity to learn of the Christian teaching of receiving eternal spiritual life in Jesus Christ through his gracious forgiveness. BMM is committed to serving the  community in a loving Christian atmosphere regardless of disability, gender, race or religion.

Vision and Mission
It is the aim of BMM to become a key enabler in the lives of the elderly so that they may enjoy the proper love, respect and dignity of life to which they are entitled. Therefore, Baptist Mid-missions has established a Neighborhood Elderly Centre combining both informal support with formal social services for the elderly.

Baptist Mid-Missions, in conjunction with Butterfly Bay Baptist Church, has formed a Christian staff dedicated to identifying and responding to the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of the elderly in the community. The staff is committed to creating open communications with the elderly and their family members so that the often complex needs of the elderly are not overlooked or neglected.

The Elderly Centre partners with the Social Welfare Department and other relevant agencies in providing the best available services to the elderly. BMM and the Elderly Centre work with the government in maintaining high standards of governance and service.  In view of this commitment, the Elderly Centre is in compliance with the Service Quality Standards (SQS), Best Practices Manual (BPM) and the Funding and Service Agreement (FSA)  as established by the Social Welfare Department.



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